Mozilla launches Firefox Send (free encrypted file transfer)

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I'm a day late to the news, but am just learning about Firefox Send, a free encrypted file transfer service launched by Mozilla.

Here is their Press Release with some more information. Here are the major features, as described in their release:

  • Free
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Security controls (download limits and expiration)
  • Send files up to 2.5GB

It's open-source on GitHub under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.

There's also already a CLI tool to allow you to upload and get a link directly from the command line.

What do people think?

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Mozilla is probably one of the easiest organizations in tech to root for. I'd go out of my way to try anything new they're doing and this seems pretty great.


This. Sometimes I get funny looks from people because I use Firefox and Chrome is basically the expected default by now, but we've seen what browser monocultures can do to the web and if we're not careful now we'll soon see it again:



Exactly this. I also use Firefox as my default, both on my phone and on my PC. I've run into problems because of this several times, but in the long run, I suppose they're just minor annoyances.


Same tbh. They're doing so much good for the internet. Their podcast is also great.


I don't have to send big files all that often, but I love the idea of using a service built around encryption and privacy, that will also auto-delete or expire using the settings I provide. That seems a lot safer and cleaner than dropping it into a Google Drive or Dropbox account and then sharing access to that folder forever. The fact that it's open-source and built by Mozilla is of course also a huge positive.

This isn't a common need in my life, but I'll be excited to give it a try soon.


It's more an alternative to wetransfer.com/ and friends than Dropbox or Drive. But for sharing files on those services I've had good success encrypting files myself and then sharing the key via a side-channel. Slightly less convenient, but works well enough.


And quickly scriptable. I was affraid when they announced that they would shutdown their services but they are back on track again and some as you, I'm using it too often. It is just too easy to use in my day-to-day developer life.

I don't know about the encryption part. Would be terrific if files sent were encrypted!