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How do you typically describe the role of being a freelance developer advocate? How long do you normally work with companies, and what can they expect from leveraging your services?

Thanks for doing this AMA!


Hi Peter,

I am working with a few companies to help them advance their developer outreach. I'm writing documentation, helping them frame their outreach plans (rather than focus on everyone and everything - focus on the top groups that will advance their program the most).

I can also represent companies at conferences - as a speaker - or in a booth - helping to share the developer experience.

Basically, anything that you might want a developer advocate to do (or help your current team with because they are overloaded with things to do).

I have a feeling that I'll work with some companies for a short period, others for longer.

I also run performance audits on mobile apps and websites - to look for performance issues that can be resolved to speed up apps, and improve customer experiences and retention.

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