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Discussion on: GitHub Actions Hackathon Winners, Announced!

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Peter Kim Frank

Congrats to @mandiwise , @jeremyong , @mxarc , @callmekatootie , and @dtinth for being our Grand Prize winners!

Seriously blown away by the quality and creativity of submissions from everyone who participated. We hope that this contest served as a good opportunity to learn about GitHub actions, up your skills, and compete with your fellow community members.

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Mithun Kamath

Thank you!

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Jeremy Ong

Awesome! Thanks again for running the hackathon. Heaps of fun :)

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Mandi Wise • Edited

Thanks, I had a lot of fun putting this project together! It was exactly the motivation I needed to finally dive into GitHub Action :)

Shout-out to for hosting this event!

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I haven't got the badge though I have submitted the post before the deadline but I have not got any mail or anything.
The link to my post:

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