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How to load test data in golang

Loading data for your tests is always a pain in go since you do not specify paths relative to the test itself, but relative to the entrypoint of the test.
This brings lots of confusion, especially when there is a function loading test data that is shared between multiple tests at different locations: When retrieving the current directory, the results will be different depending on the calling test.

Also, nobody wants to type ../../../../testdata/test1.json

In order to release this pain, this package allowas you to load test data relative to the your go.mod.
Like this you no more need to worry about the entrypoint of your program and concentrate on the logic you want to do:


Consider the structure

- go.mod
- main_test.go
- data
  - test1.json
  - test2.json
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Now run go get and modify your test:

  package main_test
  import (

    testdataloader ""
func TestMain(t *testing.T){
    //now do something using your test data
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As a nice bonus you can directly copy a file's relative path from the VSCode file explorer and insert it to the data loader!

The code is here:

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