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You're not a lazy coder. You're just not motivated

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Recently you developed a liking for a new framework. You've been a developer in another stack for a while and even though I'm good at it, truth is, compared to your new framework, your old one is a bit complex. Your new framework brought a whole new dimension of software development that's easy and fun and to you it was borderline addictive.
That is, until lazy you took the wheel.

You rushed into your new by building a big, beautiful app. You completed 70% of it in less than 2 weeks and should have finished the project by now but you haven't. Why is that?

I wouldn't call you lazy. I wouldn't call anyone lazy. I just like to think some of us are hard to motivate. I mean, after finding Flutter, I built with the rush of excitement you have when you fiddle with your first smartphone, I was motivated by curiosity and the rush, and when the rush was gone I went back to writing 2 lines of (Dart) code a day.

I found that some of us are motivated to code when coding is interesting, like when we learn a new interesting framework and when it gets boring, we lose interest.

It's normal human behaviour and if you want to fix it, all you have to do is do a lot of fun stuff outside coding. Remember your hobbies if you forgot them, play on the beach, do anything fun especially stuff that involves more of human interaction than staring at screens (well, except VR gaming).

We don't lose interest because coding gets boring, we lose interest when we code so much without enough breaks that our brains decide to bore us out of coding so doing a lot of other fun stuff will help.

Have you ever felt like a lazy coder?

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