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Discussion on: A New Language For the Web, Built to Help Beginners Get Started in Open Source

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Noah Trupin Author • Edited on

“Their” is the founding figures of the project, and (sorry if this sounds rude) the code is bad intentionally to give beginners clear-cut ways to contribute, which you’d know if you read up on the project. The code is bad enough that a beginner can pick it up and make it better, and that is the goal of the language. Not to write beautiful code and be used by millions of people, but to allow beginners to have an easier time starting to contribute to open source.

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Andrei Petcu

Sure kid, you know it all. Keep going.

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Sander Visser

What’s the attitude for Andrei? Noah has put his time and effort into helping people. I think that’s far more than most of us do. I don’t see why you need to be so rude?