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My hacktoberfest 2020 ✨

This is my third time joining Hacktoberfest, and every time I take something else away from it.
This year I came prepared for at least one PR! I don't remember exactly how and when I learned about Wes Bos' his uses page. Probably on the Syntax podcast. I was till working on my own portfolio website (and still am). But decided that Hacktober 2020 should be my deadline for that, and have at least that page up so I could add myself for this years Hacktoberfest. And I did!
As I said, my site is not none yet, but isn't a portfolio website always under construction?

Check out and see if you can find me ;)

Also you can add yourself of course, if it's not this year, get it ready for next year!

Good luck everybody, and Happy Hacktoberfest!

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