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re: Hi Perry, how did step 5 play out? After gem install iruby, did you have a iruby executable in your PATH?

I'm not sure how to place it into my PATH. the set -x commands also did not work - -bash: syntax error near unexpected token('`

Ah, yes. That’s fish-specific. For bash, export PATH /anaconda/bin $PATH. You will probably have to add this to your ~/.profile in order to persist between sessions.

If I'm on Mac and did not use anaconda, how should this command look?

Oh, and the other set -x commands on step 5 have to be replaced with

export LIBZMQ_PATH $(brew --prefix zeromq)/lib
export LIBCZMQ_PATH $(brew --prefix czmq)/lib

Oh, I’m not sure this’ll work without anaconda installed. I wrote these instructions while installing it on a Mac too.

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