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We teach "design" (the whole process) - and of course / the programming too!

Haven't heard of us? We're Perpetual "Dot" Education

That makes sense! We're not a giant corporation. We're keeping thing small and effective.

We're a small design school dedicated to educating a new era of aware, confident, and responsible designers in the web space. There are a million "coders" out there - but we need something more.

The classes are small and personal. Serious personal attention. It's a 6-month program - and it's only goal is to focus full time on getting you trained up and out there designing a better world. You can talk to us every single day (the real humans who designed the course).

Learn more deeply - and faster - by focusing on just the right things at the right times.

Sound interesting?

We still have some openings for June.

Next session won't start until August.

If you want a 100% chill / no pressure - meeting (to meet us/the actual humans who teach the course) - with real-world advice... and no "Salesman" stuff: Do it. Meet us. It's easy.

Here's what some of our students are writing during the course:

If you've been trying to "learn code" - for a week or a month - or 6 months - or years... consider a new path.

Perpetual Education

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