Discussion on: Which CSS framework (if any) for my portfolio website?

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Perlat Kociaj

Hi Dan, short answer is dont use any CSS framework!
When I wanted to build my portfolio website, I went through many iterations, I've used Bootstrap,the later changed it to UI KIT.
Then i decided to go no framework, which is the best option in my opinion, as a junior looking for your next job you need somehow to proove your skills,and no framework would be the best way to do it. Also make sure you dont forget that It doesn't need to be perfect

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Dan V Author

Thanks for the advice, sounds like a good plan! It will definitely challenge me to not rely on a framework and it'll be interesting to see what I can make from scratch. Looking forward to giving it a go. 😁

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Erick Ruiz de Chavez

Excellent advice indeed from Perlat Kociaj.

Dan V since you are creating a portfolio website, I wouldn't really stress about what you should use or not, because it is a portfolio. It is your playground to test new things and practice known ones, and it is a place to brag about what you know, so use a bit of everything and try to justify somewhere why you used it, what you liked and disliked about it, what you learned about it, etc.

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Absolutely great advice. Learning the fundamentals is far more valuable than specializing in a framework. By doing so you will gain a deeper understanding of a framework's mechanics and your knowledge will allow you to manipulate it further.

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Kael Dougherty

I was building a friend's portfolio and he asked for this very bare bones layout that there was no clearer way about it than to use HTML/CSS and nothing quite like it that I could copy and paste.... Ended up being far more of a learning experience than I could have predicted. Glad to see that's a valid way to prove one's skills. Is there anything else I'm not taking away from what you were getting at?