re: I am a full-time freelancer aged 21. I work mostly in PHP and React. Last year I made approximately $75,000 in revenue. AMA! VIEW POST



How did you find your clients? How many jobs did you complete in 2018? Congrats on clearing 75k after two years hard work. Whats your plans for 2019?


Hi James! Thank you for the congratulations!

Most of my clients have reached out to me either via Twitter or LinkedIn. I don't really do much active searching these days. Usually when I'm full with work I try to arrange follow-up discussions with leads shortly before a contract ends.

I don't have an exact count of projects right now, but I sent 31 invoices to 7 different clients. So that was perhaps 7-10 different projects

My current contract runs until August 2019 minus the month of May in which I'm taking some time off. So that is my primary concern. After that I'd like to look into expanding the business a bit and maybe getting a helping hand on board. We'll see.

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