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What do you think is the relationship between exercise and goal-achieving?

perigk profile image Periklis Gkolias ・1 min read

Do you think software engineers, who exercise regularly(even casually) are doing better on goal achieving? Exercise looks like is having some "cannot-be-ignored" health and mental benefits.


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aravindballa profile image
Aravind Balla

Yes absolutely.

kinglouisxvii profile image
Daniel Jakobian

Especially because up until now the norm has been to just sit all day. I think exercise can provide a clear mind to focus on a task at hand with the added benefit of keeping you healthy :)

jess profile image
Jess Lee (she/her)

I think anything that takes care of your body will help you come closer to achieving your goals. i.e. exercising regularly, eating healthy (no more brain fog!)