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Per Starke
Per Starke

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Building OneFlow: Crafting an Effortless Jekyll Theme for One-Pager Websites

Join me on the journey of crafting OneFlow, a Jekyll theme designed for seamless One-Pager websites. Why did I choose a GitHub repository over the conventional official theme route? The answer is as straightforward as OneFlow's structure. Let's delve into the code and explore why this laid-back approach aligns with my vision.

Check out these links to get impressions and details about OneFlow:


OneFlow is the result of a vision to simplify the process of creating One-Pager websites. It's all about ease and efficiency, from installation to customization. This theme is perfect for individuals and small businesses who want a beautiful online presence without the headache of complex website building. That is also why I chose to offer the theme as a simple GitHub Repository instead of the classical gem-based theme - you just need to clone the repository, and can start editing your site right away!


Starting Point

My starting point was the Minimal Mistakes theme.
From there, I copied the theme repository and meticulously removed everything I didn't need.
This left me with the bare essentials, allowing me to build OneFlow from the ground up,
but with some basic styling and features already at hand,
which Michael Rose (the creator of Minimal Mistakes) has masterfully created.

Design Decisions

I wanted to create a Jekyll theme that provided a seamless and immersive experience for users,
while being easy to install and customize.
To achieve this, I decided on a one-pager format,
which allows visitors to navigate through sections of the website with a smooth scrolling effect.
The utilities, structure, colors, and layout were chosen to create a
clean and modern look that works well for various types of content.

Development Challenges

During development, I faced several challenges.
One of the biggest hurdles was finding the right balance between simplicity and functionality.
I wanted to include enough features to make the theme useful, but not so many that it became overwhelming.
Another challenge was ensuring compatibility with different devices and screen sizes,
which required thorough testing and tweaking of the CSS.

Key Features

OneFlow includes several key features that make it stand out.
The one-pager format allows for a seamless browsing experience,
while the smooth scrolling effect adds a touch of elegance.
The theme also includes built-in support for images, videos, customizable sections and many practical utilities,
making it easy to create a unique and engaging website.

Future Plans

In the future, I plan to continue improving OneFlow based on user feedback and my own ideas.
I have several new features in mind, such as additional customization options and support for more content types.
Any feedback and contribution is highly welcome.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the development of OneFlow, including Michael Rose for creating the Minimal Mistakes theme.


In conclusion, OneFlow is a Jekyll theme designed for simplicity, ease of use, and flexibility.
Whether you're a Web developer, small business owner, freelancer or something else,
OneFlow provides a hassle-free way to create a beautiful and immersive website.
I hope you enjoy using OneFlow as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Leave me a comment with any questions or feedback - I'm happy to hear from you all!

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Dr. Gernot Starke

nice to have such an efficient + effective theme at-hand. A great extension to the Jekyll universe, thanx for this contribution.

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Per Starke

Thanks a bunch for that nice comment!