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How much does it cost to build an app

Let me show you how much it costs to build an app.

Recently I built an app called PreCloud: Encrypt before upload, with which you can encrypt texts and files, then you can upload the encrypted texts and files to wherever you want, making any cloud provider an encrypted storage. It's free and open source. Give it a try :)

The app is free and open sourced, but these are what I paid for:
Google developer account: 25$ one time;
Apple developer account: 99$ / year;
Domain name ( 12$ / year;

And I need a Mac to build the iOS app, but I am using the Mac from work, so I wouldn't count this.
And of course, all the time I spent on this.


If you are interested, try the app, to protect your privacy.
Play store
App store

And you can also support me ❤️

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Mahmoud Nasser Abdulhamed


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