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Discussion on: Why you desperately need Value Objects in your life

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illustrating the concepts of Value Objects more clearly and keeping it readable for folks using other languages than TypeScript.

It comes across as if you actually mean "class-based object oriented" languages rather than languages in general.

Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software was published in 2003 and was a product of its time. Java was dogmatically object-oriented but "values" where needed, so Eric Evans conceived the "Value Object". However now the broader spectrum of languages aren't constrained to objects. And neither is DDD constrained to OO.

While classes are types, not all types are classes. Many languages support tuples and records in such a way that they can serve as "Value Objects" even though they're not objects.

"TypeScript began its life as an attempt to bring traditional object-oriented types to JavaScript so that the programmers at Microsoft could bring traditional object-oriented programs to the web. As it has developed, TypeScript’s type system has evolved to model code written by native JavaScripters. The resulting system is powerful, interesting and messy."

So even TypeScript had to adapt. In JavaScript arrays often serve as tuples and plain objects as records or dictionaries; they are treated as values even though they have the runtime semantics of objects (not necessarily created by a class).

Have you ever written a project following Domain Driven Design with TypeScript?

No, likely because most TypeScript based projects still embrace the Smart UI philosophy as it fits the team's capabilities better.

Did you use a dedicated library?

DDD is an approach, a way of thinking and working, not a software tool. And in my experience frameworks often tend to make it harder to implement DDD because they prioritize the needs of the framework. I would even go as far as saying that tooling is largely responsible for the dominance of the Smart UI approach.

Now perhaps there may be domain specific libraries out there but that means

  • that someone already has done the hard work for you
  • you are locked into that library's opinion and may only discover much later that it isn't a good fit or prevents you from evolving into the direction that you need to go.

Bring Clarity To Your Monolith with Bounded Contexts (Rails)

Maybe I'll use a combination of code blocks and screenshots next time.

I'd favor code blocks and use images only when absolutely necessary (perhaps augmented with links to something like codesandbox) Typically just code blocks will do because with images you should be supplying the alt text anyway.

I did not want to go into equality comparison and how it differentiate between Value Objects and Entities since it's an introductory article.

Structural equality is a key characteristic of values and value objects; so an introduction without that leaves the audience largely in the dark of the value that value objects bring.

If you use it you cannot use a base Value Object class though, how would you deal with that? Composition maybe?

I'm not sure I understand the question. I would need some convincing that using inheritance with value objects is even a good idea. And the technique you applied falls within the practice "type branding".