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Discussion on: Is Svelte better than other framworks?

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This is judged entirely from (a certain) developer experience perspective.

Obviously somebody must think the actual results are good enough by some measure judging by what exactly escapes into the wild. There is a continuum of use cases from the document web to the application web and no one solution can be best at all of them.

Best depends entirely on the use case (context of use).

Best for any particular use case often doesn't coincide with what is most hyped or most used - and popular technologies are often used in circumstances where there are (much) better alternatives.

One issue is that developer's evaluation criteria are often skewed towards their own quality of life with the equipment and service quality they are accustomed to (it works on my machine/phone/network) which isn't necessarily representative of the operational profile that the final product will be exposed to.

Frustratingly typical

For a glimpse of the bleeding edge: Gen 3

It remains to be seen how React Server Components fare in the long run.