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Discussion on: Why Fundamental Matters?

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peerreynders • Edited on

You highlighted client side fundamentals (though Accessibility wasn't mentioned) which can be sufficient for Generation 2 front-end development.

With Generation 3 (nothing to do with Web3) it is possible that:

"… we are entering the era where frontend development will shift away from the client-side, and lean much more heavily on server-first architectures."

Next.js SSR is still considered a Gen 2 solution. With Gen 3 the server (or edge) is going to be doing more work so the client doesn't have to.

So understanding both sides (and the constraints they operate under) will become increasingly important (Rendering Patterns).

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Yehezkiel Gunawan Author

Oh yes, I'm focused on my experience of "styling" things in this article. Thanks for the references by the way.