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Discussion on: Relearning the Past: Vanilla JavaScript Single Page Application

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JavaScript is still a bit intimidating to me.

I found that separating things can help.

For example:

MDN: Object.hasOwn()

References > JavaScript > JavaScript > Standard built-in objects > Object > Object.hasOwn()

MDN: Document.getElementById()

References > Web APIs > Document > Document.getElementById()

Object.hasOwn() is part of JavaScript while Document.getElementById() isn't. Both JavaScript and the Web APIs have their own quirks but knowing who is responsible for what can sometimes help.

With other programming languages there usually is a clearer separation between the standard library and the host specific APIs. Perhaps learning JavaScript and a framework at the same time can have the same disorienting effect because there is no clear distinction between the framework APIs and the standard built-ins.

The DOM is doing its own thing, can't blame JavaScript for that.

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Melissa Guachun Author

Thank you for this super informative and detailed walk-through!! I'll dive back into this project and make some changes!