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Discussion on: Speed Needs Design, or: You can’t delight users you’ve annoyed

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peerreynders • Edited on

Thanks for another great article and including a plethora of useful links. I also like the ongoing cost-benefit analysis. It's a refreshing change from the usual "there's a dependency for that" style of problem solving which doesn't look at the downstream costs that can be incurred.

I can never truly catch up to native apps’ interaction richness, platform fidelity, and SFX flaunting.

This also reminded me of Web vs. native: let’s concede defeat (which also happens to reference Mobile Apps Must Die).

"I feel we’ve gone too far in emulating native apps. Conceding defeat will force us to rethink the web’s purpose and unique strengths — and that’s long overdue."

SPAs were seen as a disrupting force on the web, at a time were disruption was deemed necessary to avoid stagnation. I think this was just about the time Gen 0 was coming to grips with Progressive Enhancement.

Gen 3 looks like it could be a course correction, countering that disruption but also learning from Gen 1 and Gen 2.

paid to work in React, I’m secretly a filthy progressive enhancement liker.

Somehow I suspect you didn't start with React because it doesn't guide you to this kind of knowledge.

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Taylor Hunt Author

You’re absolutely right. I started with SVG to make webcomics, which I understand is extraordinarily atypical.