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Discussion on: Making the world’s fastest website, and other mistakes

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peerreynders • Edited on

Entertaining read!

After lots of rationalizing, I ended with ≈138kB of third-party JS I figured the business wouldn’t let me live without.

Perhaps time to banish them to a web worker - Partytown style - to preserve your TTI.

Fictional conversation at some unnamed retail location:
Customer: "Excuse me. Do you carry the 'Hot Pepper’s Poblano VLE5' phone?"
Clerk: "I'm sorry. We had to discontinue that model. Customers kept returning it convinced they had a defective unit after they tried to access our web front."

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Taylor Hunt Author • Edited on

Indeed, later the third-parties had grown enough that they exceeded my budget by themselves. I did “solve” it with some code in the same spirit as Partytown, but a different approach. (I promise I’ll write about it later!)