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Discussion on: Adding a TOC in Astro

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Markdown - Layout

Alternately (much more bare bones) layouts receiving markdown content can obtain a content prop.

// src/layouts/BaseLayout.astro
const { content } = Astro.props;
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which includes astro.headers

  "astro": {
    "headers": [
        "depth": 1,
        "text": "Astro 0.18 Release",
        "slug": "astro-018-release"
        "depth": 2,
        "text": "Responsive partial hydration",
        "slug": "responsive-partial-hydration"
      /* ... */
    "source": "# Astro 0.18 Release\\nA little over a month ago, the first public beta [...]"
  "url": ""
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The slug is the id on the h* tag (and consequently the hash fragment of its URL).

This is demonstrated in the docs example template starting at MainLayout.astro layout supplying the TableOfContents.tsx component with the headers.

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Chris Bongers Author

Yep their own fetchContent way is pretty solid as well!
This one might just be easier for most people, and a bit more dynamic from the start.