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For work we use a combination of github, asana, slack, and calendars. Personally, I just use a lot of calendaring for both events and to-do reminders--- I have a shared calendar with my partner and friends as well.


what type of calendars you usually use? From Google? I am trying now using zoho app's, which one of them is a calendar. It's cool?

Many thanks for your feedback! :)


Yeah, I just use the original Gmail app because it syncs w/ my life very smoothly!


I had the same issue trying to figure out the best way to organize things for me. Being in university the biggest issue was organizing all of the things I had to do. It's not FOSS but Wunderlist has honestly been the most helpful thing to me. It's a straight up to-do list. You can further organize tasks into tasks within tasks (subtasks), lists (I usually have School, Work, Personal, and Groceries) and assign tasks to dates.


I found Asana quite useful, but since my business moved onto Office 365 I use the Microsoft To Do app.


Asana it's cool for companies projects as well ;) Thanks for your feedback! :)

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