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Streaming coding with real projects

pedropcruz profile image Pedro Cruz ・1 min read

Hey people,

So as I already share with the community, i'm a front-end developer, and have the huge dream to be a fullstack and being recognized by the community on my country.

And for that, I started a live coding thing (Mainly in Portuguese, but i speak English as well), where you can shout out anything about code, where i can answer that, or sharing with the others on chat.

but I want to improve more (and doesn't have that markdown already for twitch channels) but here it's my stream:

My twitch channel

Usually, I do some graphic design, or branding design, and then I do all the code of that website that i had designed before, explain all the things what I'm doing ATM. Some people like it, and i felt people seems like bored with this type of content.

So to you guys, and because i really enjoy the idea as a "community" I ask for help to improve my streaming codings. Need new ideas on that. Do you like the screen? (never mind about the donation bar. It's a think for people smile xD, it's not my main purpose. I'm doing this for fun, not winning money) What's for you the best thing and keeps you on a stream during 3/4 hours a day?

Many thanks huge community!

Pedro Cruz

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