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And I'm the founder of freeCodeCamp Group on my region, what I have been doing?

pedropcruz profile image Pedro Cruz ・2 min read

Hello guys

I write this post just to make known the community I created in my region, and the one that I have been actively growing since February this year, and we have about 1300 members: freeCodeCamp Lisbon. All these people know a bit of programming, know or work in the area, or they want to change their careers and they want to know more about programming. And I share with you: Create communities, learn to share so then we can make a better world.

In my country for example, when it comes to the work of programmers, there is a lot of "job security", and then there are not many. But I want to change that paradigm and that's why I decided to bet.

It isn't an obvious paid job, but rewarding and very enriching. I was afraid to express the way I explain to people about programming, I was afraid to talk to people, I finally feared that I wanted to deal with them.

Until that type of fears evolves, and now they are qualities that I have. And of course, every day I am improving and have more visibility in the programming community of my Country. It has defects, but we have to improve;)

So I ask you to take a look at what we have built, with campers who knew nothing or did not know how to work as a team in this world, and who did not know how to use the GIT at all. and we worked hard for it.

In this community, we created the meetups, where we took questions about the curriculum of freeCodeCamp itself, created several challenges to learn more together (which are challenges/games where we all learn and have fun with it) we create workshops and talks on various topics. We want to extend to make more types of events, such as hackathons. From time to time we sell t-shirts to people at freeCodeCamp Lisbon. And people like it! :)

Many thanks to all of you ;)


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Tiago Romero Garcia

Parabéns, companheiro! É muito admirável o seu trabalho e esforço. Desejo muito sucesso ai a vocês!

Now so everyone else can understand the rest of my comment, you already have a project (this site) that people can work their skills on, so maybe a suggestion for new people that join your group is to take up a challenge of making an improvement or fixing a bug as their first task, following the full git workflow of adding issue, forking, creating a branch, making a PR and then getting it accepted and closing the issue, which would be celebrated by the group as the individual first contribution :)

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Pedro Cruz Author

You like Portuguese i see eheh! :D

Thanks for the congratulations, ans yeap, the git thin is only the baby steps, we have a LOT to improve :)

People who doesnt know anything about HTML, CSS and JS, in February of this year, and now they code for example a Pomodoro Clock (You see a lot on codepen of example) or a random quote generator (their CSS) even a tribute page, these projects are from freeCodeCamp CV, and the main objetive of this type of groups its to improve the techincal/soft skill for better. And we're working hard on that :)

I invite you to see our group here:

And we had social link as well, but dont want to spamm that here. But if you want you can see on the group. :D

Let's meet more programmers, we need help everytime! For example, we invited @dhanishgajjar (fullstack developer) well knowed on programming community, and he's living in Lisbon, and we have invited him to make a talk/workshop, and we will come certainly :D

Just to share a goot think. Thanks for your suggestions :D

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Tiago Romero Garcia

Nice!! If I’m ever in Lisbon I will contact you, I would love to come in and give a talk as well.

Boa sorte com o seu grupo!

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Pedro Cruz Author

of course! I invite you to come of course :D
If you want to see our progress, you can check the website, go to our facebook page, a visit the group and we will welcome you ;) and anyone who came :D