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My name is Pedro, and I have a lots of experience in Web development, that I adquire in the last 10 years.

In the last years I have been working, and improve my skills in frameworks like Laravel, VueJs, Angular, and others...

I'm a person with many ideas for platforms, websites and others business stuff. With the past of the years I think I lost many oportunities with ideas that never went into production, bacause of the fear of the insuccess!!

So, this month I decided, I will launch an website to share content dedicated to developers.

The website is not finished, and it's very simple for now. I will improve the website gradually.

Today it doesn't matter if the content is uninteresting, or very simple.

I hope people enjoy my work, and I will be grateful for the suggestions.

Visit: https://theargv.com/

Please follow me and the project:

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Pedro Ladeira


I'm a developer who loves create amazing applications


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