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Discussion on: Lambda Expressions in C++

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Pearson Daniels

Great read! Any direction on resources for learning C or C++? This got me interested.

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Scott Seager

While maybe not the best site to learn C++, is a great place to consult when you need to know how to use a particular piece of standard functionality.

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Sandor Dargo Author

That's a very good question which is difficult to answer. is not bad. I'd say take some tutorial and stick to it. That's not how I learnt so I cannot really recommend any but here is one.

Once you learnt the syntax and the basics, read some more advanced books, like Effective Modern C++ and follow some blogs, like Fluentcpp to learn about deeper topics.

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Mark Boer

That depends, I took a course that used this as course material. It is extensive, but it's no pleasant read.

If you know the syntax, but want to know best practices I can highly recommend the CPPCoreGuidelines by Bjarne (creator of the language) and Herb.