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Yuriy Markov
Yuriy Markov

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Why we should be a better version of ourselves

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After years of thinking, experimentation, and observation, I came to some conclusions.

Here is one of them:

Any human activity is a way to express yourself.

But on the other hand:

Any human activity can be described as a process. And any process can be improved.

Now let's combine these two ideas:

Any human activity is a process of expressing yourself that can be continuously improved.

So, the point is that we are changing the world by expressing ourselves, and that can be improved.

At this point, my interlocutor usually asks:

  • Why should I improve myself?
  • Why should I change the ways I'm expressing myself?
  • Why do you think that I'm changing the world?

Or something similar.

And, again, here is my point of view:

  1. For me, one of the ways of self-expression is to write code.
  2. If I'm good at expressing myself, I also have these perks:
  3. I'm producing fast a high-quality code
  4. I have a bigger salary
  5. I can afford whatever I want

I hope that this will help to improve somebody's world.

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Sebastian Vargr

My impression is that, this along with accepting mistakes as learning opportunities would get humanity a long ways closer to more empathic interactions.

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Yuriy Markov

I fully agree with your opinion!