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Not related to the post itself, but how did you implement the '3 part series' thing. I'm guessing it's a funky Markdown feature that I just can't find documented, and you haven't manually just created these tables? automatically does that if you define a series fir multiple articles that share the same name. It's cool, but you can't customize it too much.


How have you defined it as a series? I initially thought it would be a tag, but it's clearly not.

If you're in editor version 2, you click the ... to get the popup with the cannonical URL and series name. Give it a series name. With editor v1, you can set a front matter attribute for the series name.


I never realised there were two versions of the editor! (If anyone's reading this and, like me, can't find it, it's under settings -> misc).

It looks like once you've created your post you're stuck in the version of the editor that you created it is (at least I don't get the fancy new screen when I edit old posts!)

I'm now going to create everything as a series! :-)

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