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How to add a Giphy image to posts in 2023

I had issues with this so I thought I'd write a quick how-to on this. To the folks: Why can't we easily embed this? There's no Giphy option in the embed tab. I tried using Giphy's embed as well, but it just would never show up.

This is kind of a rip off of this post, but Giphy has updated their site, so this is a tad different now.

  1. Okay, so first choose a gif, we'll choose this Giphy link:
  2. Click Share (see below)

Clicking the share button on Giphy

  1. Click Copy Giphy Share Link

How to copy gif link

  1. Take copied link from above and add it inside this tag:
<img width="100%" style="width:100%" src="">

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End Result

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