MinGW pronunciation

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This week, we started talking about C++ in my school.
I did write a few lines in C++ before but it was all on my own and I never had to speak about it with someone unless it was by written exchanges.

The problem is that between students, teachers and internet, there are a lot of different pronunciations for mingw (as [gif] and [jif] I suppose).

If there is any C++ dev who read this post, what is the "correct" way to pronounce it?


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MinGW stands for "minimalist GNU for Windows".

I've pronounced it "min gee double-you" or "min gee wub" (since I often call the letter 'w' /wub/, but that's just me and my little idiosyncrasy).

Steve Wilhite, the creator of GIF, calls it /jif/.


I like "wub". Every other letter has a monosyllabic name except w's "double-u".

If nothing else, it makes saying "" really fun to say, instead of the mouthful that it is now.


Looks like the angle-brackets ate your "a href="www.""

I'd say it this way...

angle ay aytch ref equals quote aytch tee tee pee colon slash slash wub wub wub dot quote close-angle

Hmm, that makes me curious as to spellings of the letters.

OED uses: a bee cee dee e ef jee aitch i jay kay el om en o pee cue ar ess tee u vee double-u ex wy zee

SAM uses: ey biy siy diy iy ehf jiy eych ay jey key ehl ehm ehn ow piy kyuw aor ehs tiy yuw viy dahblyuw ehks way ziy

Wiki Alphabet uses: ay bee cee dee ee eff gee aitch aye jay kay ell em en oh pee queue ar ess tee you vee doubleyou ex wye zee

Eljay (me!) uses: ay bee see dee ee ef jee aytch iy jay kay el em en oh pee kyoo ar es tee yoo vee wub eks wiy zee

(Using my "wub". Tee-hee. :-)


I'm not a native speaker, and I must say I'm a bit surprised with the answers, I've always spoken as Ming Win. XD


I say min-gee-w but idk how correct it is. It's subjective, just like gif.