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Pavel Belokon
Pavel Belokon

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My Very First Post

Hello there! my name is Pavel.

About Me:

I am a Computer Programming student at Seneca College, currently working in Toronto, Canada. Some of the things I enjoy include creating digital art and modeling in Blender, even though I am new to these activities. I hope to develop them into long-term hobbies.

Reasons to Join the Course

This term, I am enrolled in a course called Open Source Development (OSD600), which is designed to help students take their first steps into the world of Open Source. My primary motivation for joining this course is self-improvement. I recently realized that throughout my studies, I have primarily been reading and writing code on my own, in my own way. However, I've come to understand that collaboration is crucial, and this skill cannot be enhanced solely by working on individual projects. If I wish to contribute effectively, I need to learn how to collaborate effectively.

Additionally, I've developed an interest in observing how experienced individuals tackle and solve complex problems.


My plans for this term include:

  • Making a meaningful contribution to a project that I care about.
  • Embarking on my own open-source project, tiny_browser_engine, aimed at introducing people to the fundamentals of browser engines through incremental development in small sections.

These plans are subject to change and expansion based on the lessons I will learn throughout the next four months.

My First Fork

While searching for interesting projects on GitHub, I stumbled upon something I've been looking for a resource to improve my Rust skills. The repository is called rustlings. I've been planning to work on a small project with a friend, a Terminal Emulator written in Rust called termionus. However, I've been postponing it for a while due to my limited knowledge of Rust.

The name "rustlings" says it all; it's a repository designed to assist new Rust developers 🦀 in becoming comfortable with reading and writing Rust code through a series of small exercises.


Without anything more to add, I am looking forward to learn more about Open Source Development

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Timonwa Akintokun • Edited

Hello Pavel!

Welcome to the community! Having you here as you embark on your open-source journey is fantastic. It's a commendable step towards personal growth and contributing to the broader programming community.

Collaboration is indeed a vital skill, and you've chosen a perfect course, Open Source Development (OSD600), to nurture it. Learning from experienced individuals and observing how they tackle complex problems can be incredibly enriching.

Your objectives of making meaningful contributions and starting your open-source project, "tiny_browser_engine," are ambitious and exciting. Your journey will undoubtedly be full of learning experiences and accomplishments.

As you've shown interest in Opensource, I recommend checking out my "The Beginners Guide to Hacktoberfest 2023" series. It provides valuable insights and tips for making the most of this event, whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned open-source contributor. You can find it here.

Hacktoberfest, in case you haven't heard of it yet, is a month-long celebration of Opensource celebrated throughout the month of October. you get to contribute and collect amazing swags.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need guidance along the way.
Best wishes on your journey ahead!