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Why we might stop with Product Hunt

Since it's important to also share things that didn't work as expected...

On 1 March 2022, we launched our update on Producthunt:

the numbers are disappointing:

  • 1 reply (but from a loyal customer)
  • Not much traffic/conversions (we still investigate these numbers)

What we did to promote and try to make our launch successful:

  • Create a custom logo
  • Create custom screenshots
  • Write a nice first reply
  • Use our 3 Twitter accounts (2000+ followers together)
  • Send an email to 6000+ businesses
  • Promote it on Facebook groups & other platforms.

We have come to the conclusion that it takes too much energy & time to set up a product hunt launch, in the future, we will spend our energy and time on more important tasks from which we get enough recognition and growth.

We are still grateful for our previous launches which have yielded enough interaction and good feedback. Maybe we did something wrong on our end, what is your experience with ProductHunt and do you maybe have some tips and tricks you want to share with us and other people in terms of promoting your (side) project on producthunt or in general?

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