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I went to the Firebase Summit 2022 -NYC

Hi friends! I recently had the fantastic opportunity to attend the Firebase Summit 2022 in New York City! I’m here to tell you how it went and share some fantastic moments of this great event.

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First of all, if you don’t know what Firebase is, that’s okay!

What is Firebase?
A lot of you have heard of Firebase, which is way more than just a database.

Firebase is a web and mobile development platform. It has 19 products and is used by millions of apps. Also, it is backed by our friends at Google.

I have been a longtime fan of Firebase and have been using the platform for nearly 5 years. I’m still in shock with all the different use cases of the product that helps build amazing applications in a one-stop dashboard.

A few months ago, I saw a Tweet about registering for the Firebase Summit in NYC, which turned out to be just a few blocks away from my house so I had to go! I immediately messaged my friend David East (Developer Advocate at Firebase).

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I was super excited not only to learn more about Firebase, but to have the opportunity to meet amazing people from the tech community.

Finally, October 18 came! I didn’t sleep much the night before because I was super excited about this event, but the excitement helped me feel energized. The Firebase Summit took place in the Google offices in NYC where I met members of the community and listened to talks presented by the Firebase team on the latest features.

What’s new with Firebase?

Firebase Hosting
Firebase provides hosting that you can use to deploy fast and secure static web applications. Now you can deploy web apps with your favorite web dynamic frameworks with the help of one single command from the Firebase CLI. With just one command the CLI will detect your framework, build it, and deploy it.

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Learn more from this awesome demo David East (Developer Advocate at Firebase) created for the Firebase Summit.

Cloud Firestore New Features
A few changes with Cloud Firestore:

Scalable Baas: The Firebase team has removed hard limits for write throughput & concurrent active connections.
Auto-delete: You can now auto-delete content with Firestore’s time-to-live (TTL) policies. Basically, you set an expiration date for the content that lives in your Firestore database.
The new COUNT() function operation: This operation can help you execute the count in collection group queries without having to retrieve all documents. Take a look at David’s tweet on firebase with a code example showing how to use the COUNT() function. with a code, an example showing how to use the COUNT() function.
Learn more about these Cloud Firestore updates in this YouTube video.

Firestore Cloud Storage security rules
Working with security rules got easier by using firestore.get(). You can use the service side security rules that you have written, and make sure only authorized users have access to a specific file. This will help you only have one set of rules instead of having the same ones in two places (Firestore and Cloud Storage).

Learn more about Firestore Cloud Storage security rules in this YouTube video.

Firebase Extensions
This is one of the things I’m most excited about! You can now create your own extensions and publish them to the Firebase extension marketplace. You can now sign up for the extensions provider alpha program so you can start building your own Firebase extensions.

Learn more about the Firebase Extensions in this YouTube video.

Deliver Personalized Behavior with Remote Config
Have you ever wondered how to create a better and more personalized experience for your app users? Well with this remote config, you can help optimize and personalize the experience of your users automatically.

If you want to learn more about Remote Config personalization look at this YouTube video.

Firebase Blog
Firebase YouTube
Firebase Twitter
Watch the entire Firebase Summit Keynote.

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