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Developer Updates – May Edition

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Recent updates

Unblocking the Power of JunoDB

We are excited to release JunoDB as open source! JunoDB is a key-value store that provides highly secure NoSQL infrastructure with single-digit millisecond latency at any scale.

Discover how it evolved into a powerful distributed key-value store and leverage its benefits for your projects. Read this post.

Enhance your app experience!

Adding a chat experience in an app to get quick help goes a long way towards providing a great customer experience. We've done a technical deep dive designing and building the messaging platform SDKs (Software Development Kits) for Android to support adding a chat feature in PayPal and its tenant apps (e.g., Venmo, Xoom).

Read this technical design article to learn the details!

Helpful resources

Getting Started with Postman and the Orders API

Our developer advocate Nikema walks through how to create an order and capture payment for that order using Postman and the PayPal API collection. Gain valuable tips to streamline your payment workflows.

Watch this video on our YouTube channel and become a subscriber.

Integration with eCommerce platforms!

Looking into integrating PayPal or Braintree into an eCommerce platform? Look no further! We have various videos to guide you through integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Wix.

Find the video you are looking for here and become a subscriber.

Community updates

Developer Meetups: San Jose

Want to brush up on your knowledge? Join us in San Jose CA, on June 7th for an evening of technical discussions, demos, and networking. We'll cover APIs, SDKs, data reporting and more. Level up your skills and connect with local developers.

Sign up here!

Enabling developers with Postman and PayPal

PayPal wants to enable a self-thought developer to a senior level developer to have the ability to invoke its APIs with increased flexibility, scalability, and time-to-market. By using Postman, developers can use PayPal APIs to discover, test, and execute quickly and easily.

Read more here.

PayPal Champions

We are committed to building and fostering a strong community. We are working on creating a Champions program to encourage developers and advocates to go above and beyond in the community so that they help us grow, learn and create better tools and products. If you are interested in learning more about this program, make sure you reach out to us at

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