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Developer Updates - April Edition

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PayPal Developer is here to make integrating PayPal into mobile and web applications faster and easier for developers of all experience levels by providing regular updates on our recent and upcoming activities.

Recent updates

Developer Dashboard improvements, round three

As developers, we know a top priority for you is to understand what you need to do when, and in as little time as possible. That’s why we are continuing to improve the dashboard experience for you in new and different ways.

Learn more about all the new improvements we’ve made in this blog post.

It’s easier than ever to integrate with PayPal APIs

Our newly improved API experiences allow developers to explore, integrate, and go live with PayPal REST APIs. You will find an improved user interface, interactive request/response samples, direct linking to nested objects and request samples in multiple coding languages.

See the API docs here.

Helpful resources

Apple Pay integration options with PayPal

Developers can now integrate Apple Pay with PayPal JS SDK and Orders API v2. No one integration fits all solutions, so we are offering multiple ways developers can integrate Apple Pay on their merchants’ website depending on their use case.

Learn about the different integration options in this post.

How to integrate PayPal Advanced Checkout

Advanced Checkout provides a trusted payment processing system that is simple to integrate and supports a range of features to help your merchant run a small business.

We've created a video for you to demonstrate how easy it is to add PayPal Advanced Checkout to your website.

Watch this video on our YouTube channel and become a subscriber.

How to integrate PayPal into Wix

Wix is a website builder that offers a complete solution from infrastructure to advanced marketing tools to enable anyone to create and grow online.

We’ve created a video to show you how easy it is to integrate Wix with PayPal and it takes less than 2 minutes.

Watch the video on our YouTube channel and become a subscriber.

Community updates

Developer Meetups: San Jose and Chicago

Calling all developers in San Jose and Chicago! Join us in person at our offices for an open discussion in unconference style where we will talk about tech and cover hot pressing topics of your choice in software.

Learn more about the Meetup details, locations and registration by clicking here.

PayPal Champions 

We are committed to building and fostering a strong community. We are working on creating a Champions program to encourage developers and advocates to go above and beyond in the community so that they help us grow, learn and create better tools and products. If you are interested in learning more about this program, make sure you reach out to us at

Kick off the weekend with PayPal on Twitter

Join us on Twitter Spaces on Fridays at 11 a.m. PST for a fireside chat with members of our PayPal developers. Each week, we’ll introduce you to a member of our Product, Engineering, or Developer Relations team to talk tech and career development.

Follow us on Twitter to join the conversation and comment with topics you’d like us to discuss in future sessions.

Stay connected

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Renaud Peregrine

Yeah it's great I love the inclusion of node middleware code, references to undefined functions, inconsistent quote usage and removal of the most popular programming languages

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Christina Monti

Catching what's being thrown down here, Renaud Peregrine. Would you be open to having a virtual call with us? We'd love to hear your point of view.