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Payload has been accepted into Y Combinator S22

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Payload has been accepted into the Y Combinator S22 batch and has secured its first $500K in investment, which will ensure that our team will be able to continue to build Payload into the most powerful developer-first headless CMS available.

Since we started building Payload in 2018, our mission has been crystal-clear: finally give developers a better choice when it comes to working with a CMS. We've poured our hearts and souls into the architecture of Payload for almost four years, trying to realize our goal. Now, Payload is live and being used around the world. We're so happy to see such positive reception from the developer community, and that positivity fuels us to commit ourselves more and more every day to making Payload as great as it can possibly be.

The team at Y Combinator sees the value in what we've built and understands the potential for Payload to be developers' first choice when they select a headless CMS. They've officially given us a vote of confidence that we have what it takes to complete our mission, accepted us into their S22 batch, and invested $500K in our vision.

With this funding, we're going to catapult Payload to the next level.

We've got a lineup of extremely exciting announcements coming over the next few weeks—so keep an eye out for a ton more from our team!

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Arsalan Ahmed Yaldram

Congratulations 👏