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What is SEO and How to rank your website!

Every day thousands of websites are created by different people from all over the world. SEO is a process of getting
Benefits of SEO

1.Increase organic traffic for a site thereby Increase ranking

2.Generate leads

Mainly SEO in two types.

1] On Page Optimization- Doing changes within the website like URL structure, web content etc.
2] Off Page Optimization- Build back links for websites with high authority sites

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Some of the Main SEO On Page factors are listed below.

  1. Title Tag: It is the title for the webpage.

  2. Description Tag: Summary of the webpage is called Description Tag .

  3. Header Tags: Mostly web content is divided into paragraphs. Each paragraph should have heading H1, H2 format. Use targeted keywords in H1&H2.

  4. URL Structure: Avoid long URL structure with unnecessary special characters.

  5. Robots.txt: This is a text file which tells crawlers whether to crawl the website or block.

  6. Sitemap: It is an xml file which consists of all URL’s of a website. Faster indexation of all URL’s is possible through this.

  7. Canonicalization: Without creating Duplication Error Loading same pages from different URL’s.

  8. Bread Crumb Structure: It is the navigation for the user to move front and back pages in the website.

  9. 301 Redirection: The 301 redirect is a permanent redirect page. It will redirect to new URL from an old URL.

Some of the Main SEO Off Page factors are listed below.

  1. Directory Submissions: This is one of the popular forms of link building. It is a process of adding website or website URL to a web directory.

  2. Social Bookmarking: Saving favorite URL’s in online is termed as Social Bookmarking.

  3. Forum Submission: Forum link building/Posting service is a SEO technique which helps in building back links to your site.

  4. Business Profile Creation: Submit your profile in top local business listing sites.

  5. Article Submission: This is a process of submitting article about a product or service in article submission sites.

Some of the important On page and Off page techniques are mentioned above. Through these techniques we can bring traffic to our website.

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Nice post. In case it's useful for somebody, I used to test the SEO of websites in woorank and seositecheckup. Their free tier provides interesting insights.

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Pawan Pawar

good post!