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web development master guide

its a new day and new JS framework! we have to keep constantly working on our and new skills that's the thing in Web Development domain.

when you don't have job you actually spend more time on learning new things but when you have a job it is very hard keep up with new things.. but that's the catch we should keep working on new technologies everyday.

okay now the official resources that you can try to achieve this goals are

  • FreeCodeCamp
  • MDN Docs

there are some open source programs also you can join in which you will collaborate with other developers and develop your skills like

these are the some i known so far if you dig more on internet you will find more

Now i am enrolling in the same as / HNG internship program to increase my skills and get more command over technologies.

and you have to spend like 1 OR 2 hour each day on this thing and you will get to learn new skills.

Okay on that being said little more technical / setup stuff now

you should know how use its nothing but a designing tool it will help you lot during web designing part. just download explore you will get to know everything.

now along with development you should also know how to manage your project with git the version control tool. you can learn about this pretty quick i think just search on YouTube git tutorial you will find lots of them just complete any one it is hardly going to take 40 to 50 minutes.

quick start will be go to download for your system setup config in CMD and you are ready to go..

 git config --global "your name"
 git config --global
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JavaScript is the thing which never ends you will have keep on learning and experimenting with the language also new tools depend on it.

some important concepts

Map, Filter, Reduce,
Arrays, Objects, operations,
call, apply, bind, prototypes,
how language works,
various function ways, oops ,
Callbacks, primitives, non-primitives

with this you can pickup frameworks and go into domain like front-end, back-end

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