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4 Secrets To Building A Portfolio That’ll Make Everyone Want To Hire You

When it comes to proving yourself professionally, it’s important to show and tell.

  1. Figure Out What You’re Showing Off Before you can figure out how to show off your work, you need to understand what you want others to see. Even though you’ve got a lot more real estate on an online portfolio than you do on your resume, you should be equally selective about what you include. After all, people have limited attention spans, and you only want to upload the samples that best demonstrate your talent and experience.
  2. Keep it Simple When it comes to showing your stuff, less is definitely more. We suggest presenting your projects in a straightforward format on one web page.The lack of captions means all your attention is focused on the photos. However, when you hover over an individual image, a caption pops up. Clicking on the image brings you to a detailed description of the shoot, additional photos, and helpful links.
  3. Make it Easy to Navigate Another way to make your portfolio easy for readers to navigate? Use categories. When you’ve got a lot of work to show off, placing everything on one page can be overwhelming. It can also be misleading — if the first three projects are all related to digital strategy, potential clients might assume you don’t offer any other services and miss the web development projects further down on the page.
  4. Remember It’s Not Just About Your Work While your past work is a critical aspect when someone’s thinking about working with you, it’s important to remember that said person isn’t looking to hire your work, but the person who made it. A good portfolio is made even better when it’s part of a robust personal website — including a bit about your story, background, and what type of person you’re like to work with. If you Want Such Portfolio I will design for you ! ->

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