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Have you ever thought your project is getting popular?

I wrote a little tool for myself to help me with generating approve messages for Pull Requests, because I usually check PRs in the evening and my brain can't come up with something and I write "LGTM". But I hate LGTM comments as they doesn't provide any feedback, when I see LGTM, I usually think about "It looks okay, merge it".

I'm using this app often, and at Hacktoberfest, a few people improved a little bit this app and added an ability to generate emojis, wrote few tests and now this project has 13 stars and I feel it's getting more popular and I'm so happy about.

I know it's just a small tool, you can code in an hour, but have you ever experienced that feeling? I know it's not a huge startup, or something like that. It's more about fun and I love that someone is supporting this fun 😍

P.S. This is the tool I'm talking about

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