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Where does your organization fit in this DevOps maturity model?

Pavan Belagatti
A DevOps Enthusiast.
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DevOps is a culture and culture is not something you can enforce and change things within a day or two. There will be oppositions, There will be delays, There will be small friction between the teams, My whole point is, it takes time.

However, all these above-said things will happen only if you have the bad management, poor coordination or when the management cannot convey the benefits of adopting the DevOps culture and maybe also because of the lack of abilities to foresee the success.

Along with management, the teams should also join their hands to embrace this change. It will be confusing initially but it is worth at the end. You will have set goals, principles, and people working accordingly.

Ok, so I have a DevOps maturity model, please take a look and let us know where your organization fits in this stage.

devops maturity model

This will be fun :)

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Ben Halpern

I'd say we fit some bucket of "We were born into devOps and I guess everything is automated more or less depending on your definition of automated"