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Quarantine Times & Developers: Stay Home, Stay Safe, Learn More!

pavanbelagatti profile image Pavan Belagatti ・3 min read

Many developers would like to be up to date with the latest and trending technologies. However, there are certain tools you cannot replace and the whole industry and companies are embracing them in their technology stack, the tools are Docker and Kubernetes. The two important tools that help developers automate their complex tasks and increase the overall efficiency of the team. This post is for all those developers who would like to utilize this quarantine period efficiently by learning these two tools. Hence listing below some valuable resources that can help you learn about Docker and Kubernetes.

Kubernetes for DevOps:

Automation is one of the core concepts of DevOps and Kubernetes helps DevOps teams by helping them automate processes, thus minimizing the workload. A startup can easily manage small number of containers, but the complexity increases as the number goes up for enterprises, hence you need a platform like Kubernetes to archestrate containers.
For instance, when we schedule a number of containers in a node, Kubernetes does the heavy lifting and manages as many containers and workloads as possible. Further, it helps in simplifies and uplifts tasks like scaling, rolling over updates and deployments, etc. This way, Kubernetes has become a de-facto container orchestration tool for DevOps teams.

Learn Kubernetes for free from the below resources,

Docker for DevOps:

The main advantage of Docker for DevOps is that both developers and system administrators use the same tool and it puts an end to the chaos of 'it works on my machine' drama. Developers create Docker images from Dockerfiles at the development stage, on local computers, and run them in a development environment and then the system administrators use the sane Docker images to make updates to the stage and production environments. This way, Docker bridges the gap between Dev and Ops teams and helps them to ship the software through containers making the software development process very smooth and easy.

Learn Docker for free from the below resources,

Docker and Kubernetes have become a dual important tools when it comes to embracing DevOps. Every DevOps enthusiast these days should have knowledge about these two platforms and even the companies expect the same. Hands-on knowledge is essential to go up on the career ladder.

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Amaury Borges Souza

Very good your article, lets keep studying!