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Bank's Transformation Through Kubernetes

pavanbelagatti profile image Pavan Belagatti ・1 min read

Italy's biggest traditional bank is embracing Kubernetes?

A conventional bank running its real business on such a young technology?

No way, are you kidding me?

Nope, I am not kidding. Italy's banking group, Intesa Sanpaolo, has made this transition.

These are banks who still run their ATM networks on 30-year-old mainframe technology, and embracing the hottest trend & tech is nearly unbelievable. Even though ING, the banking and financial corporation, changed the way the banks were seen by upgrading itself with Kubernetes and DevOps practices very early in the game, there was still a stigma with adopting Kubernetes in the highly regulated and controlled environments like Healthcare, Banks, etc.

The bank's engineering team came up with an initiative strategy in 2018 to throw away the old way of thinking and started embracing the technologies like microservices, container architecture, and migrate from monolithic to multi-tier applications. It was transforming itself into a software company, unbelievable.

Today the bank runs more than 3,000 applications. Of those, more than 120 are now running in production using the new microservices architecture, including two of the 10 most business-critical for the bank.

Read the full case here: How hot is Kubernetes? Even traditional banks are transforming to embrace it

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