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WooCommerce Tabs Plugin by FMEAddons

Paul Simmons
Hi, My name is a Paul Simmons, an eCommerce web designer. I develop eCommerce plugins for popular shopping carts such as Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress, OpenCart and Joomla. You can find my some e...
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WooCommerce tabs plugin by FMEAddons allows you to add additional product tabs on single product pages with additional content. Using this plugin you can add text, HTML, video, images in newly added custom tabs. This is a powerful plugin as it helps you to reduce the scrolling on your page and also prevents the page from reloading once a user clicks on a tab to view information available in the tab.

This plugin provides you the following features

  1. Add multiple tabs to your product pages
  2. Insert any desired content into custom tabs
  3. Custom tabs can accept shortcodes or HTML content
  4. Great for embedding a marketing video or inquiry form

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