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Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan

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Harry Potter - Golden Snitch Animation

Hey guys,

I created a cool(ish) animation in Codepen which I have shared below. If you would like me to go into detail on how I made it then just leave a comment.

Feel free to use it whatever way you want to!


Any questions on the above, feel free to contact me on my socials! ❣️

💂‍♂️ Insta 👀 Twitter 💬 Github 💭 LinkedIn 💥 Youtube 📭 Website

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samguruintraining profile image

Yes, this is really nice, thanks Paul. I used it on my hero image on my site:

Codepen has 3 different links to .js scripts. I daren't look at Google lighthouse, it'll go potty. I imagine I can just paste all the linked files in between tags?

Thanks again, happily faithful design and pleasing flapping; if there weren't colossal giants shoulder's around to stand on, I'd only ever get as far as the latrine.