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PhpStorm Plugin Picks

Hi everyone, since July 30, 2022, I have 818 hours logged programming with the latest version of Laravel, and PhpStorm spending an average of 7 hours 9m per day. Exlcuding weekends, my daily average is around 8 hours per day.

During this time, I have come across several PhpStorm plugins that make my programming day a delight, and would like to share some of them with you. Today, I will share a few of them, and will do a follow up post with more.

1) WakaTime
Wakaktime is an INDISPENSABLE tool for time tracking.
What I love about it is that it tracks how much time you spend in each branch, per project. I do love RescueTime as well, but RescueTime does not track time per branch. Branch time tracking really helps when reporting how much time you spent on each feature / bug fix.

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2) Inspection Lens

This plugin is great, as it prints code error inspections right within your editor in red. This can helps save time by identifying problems while coding in a very direct and clear manner.

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3) Quick Notes
Quick Notes is another plugin I love, as it provides a very useful and available note pad you can use while you are programming. This is especially useful during Team meetings when talking to a PM, or another team mate.

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4) PHPHammer

PhpHammer provides 47 inspections to help identify problem areas in your code which are not available natively in PHPStorm. It will suggest ways to optimize and clean up
your code, as your write logic in real time.

5) Project Label is also a neat plugin that adds a Colored Textual Label at the bottom of PHPStorm with the name of your project. This is handy when when switching between multiple projects within your organization.

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I hope these help, more to come!

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