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Optimizely HttpErrors

I was recently investigating an issue reported by our team during development that they were unable to create certain blocks in our environments.

This reminded me of a Optimizely support article '409 conflict Creating page/block'

The suggestions listed on the site suggested to completely stop using the existingResponse="Replace" attribute upon HttpErrors section and use an alternative method.

Rather then implement this I decide to handle the HttpErrors differently only upon the scenario where we needed to.

To do this I decided to use the web.config location element to specify for a location e.g. 'episerver/cms' how I would like to handle the HttpErrors using snippet below.

<location path="episerver/cms">
<httpErrors errorMode="Custom" existingResponse="PassThrough" />

Now on the front-end of the site we can use HttpErrors as we wish, and within the admin we can handle this differently and receive back the original HTTP response.

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