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Discussion on: Using git wiki instead of evernote to organize personal content

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Paul Jacobson

Exactly and this combination of features is difficult to replicate. The key challenges that I encounter when I consider viable Evernote alternatives (I've been a relatively satisfied Evernote user for about 8 or 9 years but I am a little concerned about having so much data in there) are usually the following:

  • cross-platform access to my data
  • OCR capability to make images and PDFs accessible via search
  • the ability to add to and modify notes with my mobile device.

The closest I've seen to a possible replacement would be something like Google Drive and Dropbox, albeit paid versions.

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aurel kurtula Author

I think if you use it that much, evernote is great and I find it had to imagine any tool competing with it.

I used it for 6 months and all I did was write, that was all, write and clip pages. As a writing tool I found evernote's editor lacked a lot.

Hence, those were the only features I wanted to replicate. Auto generation of notes, tagging, the ability to use my favorite editor and for all my notes to be backed-up.