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  • NoSQL means Not only SQL.
  • NoSQL databases have their roots in the open source community.
  • NoSQL database implementations are technically different from each other.
  • Adopting NoSQL databases has several benefits, including storing and retrieving session information and event logging for apps.
  • The four main categories of NoSQL databases are Key-Value, Document, Wide Column, and Graph.
  • Key-value NoSQL databases are the least complex architecturally.
  • Document-based NoSQL databases use documents to make values visible for queries.
  • In document-based NoSQL databases, each piece of data is considered a document, which is typically stored in either JSON or XML format.
  • Column-based databases spawned from the architecture of Google’s Bigtable storage system.
  • The primary use cases for column-based NoSQL databases are event logging and blogs, counters, and data with expiration values.
  • Graph databases store information in entities (nodes) and relationships (edges).

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