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I've seen "developer" and "engineer" interchanged a lot. I'm not sure if one name (or brand) is better than the other, e.g. "Data Analyst" (Borrrrrrrrrring!) vs "Data Scientist" (OoooOooo Ahhh!!!).

Architects may seem superfluous if you have a single monolithe and an Engineering Manager managing it, but as soon as it involves many systems and even a Data Warehouse, tools choices matter as other systems have to live with those choices in terms of file types, data serialization, conventions, schemas, etc, etc, etc. And that's where an Architect comes in as most Developers/Engineers are trying to do day-to-day stuff (building the apps) and the Architect can help make sure the right POCs are put into the sprints to make sure integrations and systems performance are the best they can be.

If I had to put a demarcation between "Developer" and "Engineer" it would be developer is more tightly coupled to a technology in my experience. e.g. A Ruby web developer or a Django Developer vs a Front-End Engineer or a Back-End Engineer who might know 2 or more frameworks. A Data Engineer would know Spark (framework), Airflow (framework), and perhaps even Flask (framework). Again, this is only my experience, so YMMV elsewhere.

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